Lynch Veterinary Physiotherapy offers a range of treatment options for both dogs and horses.

Manual therapies

Massage with Myofascial Release

Passive range of motion exercises & stretches

Daniel Kamen manipulation techniques (equine only)

Active therapies

Exercise prescription

Core strengthening work

Proprioceptive enhancement

Active range of motion exercises & stretches


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Phototherapy (low level laser/cold laser)

Therapeutic ultrasound

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)


Heat treatments

Cold treatments

Each session is tailored to your animal’s individual needs and a home exercise program is prepared for you to continue to work with your animal to enhance its rehabilitation.

Please view the Dogs and Horses pages to see some of the conditions I can help treat.

Initial assessment may last between 1-2 hours, sometimes longer for horses.

Follow-up sessions are usually shorter 45mins-1.5 hours.

For horses, it may be necessary for your tack to be available.

For both horses and dogs, a quiet safe environment is required with the owner present for the duration of the session.

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